Mosquito Treatment Tips

With the warm weather and rain, the perfect conditions for mosquitoes have been created.  With this new issue starting to take over many cities, it is important that commercial mosquito treatment wilmington be considered.

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects that we will typically encounter.  They make their homes in wet spaces, such as puddles and standing water.  Mosquitoes will typically come out at early dusk and land on our bodies to drink our blood.  The site of their impact will become inflamed and itchy.

Preventing Mosquitoes Outdoors

One thing that you can do is wear bug spray.  This spray will create a protective barrier between your skin and the mosquito.  When applying the bug spray, make sure to cover your eyes and mouth, as getting the spray in these areas can create a lot of irritation.

Another thing that you can do is light tiki torches or other types of candles.  The smoke generated from these are offensive to mosquitoes and will help to keep them away.  If you’re using these, put them in a pattern around your porch so that a smoke barrier can be created.

Removing any standing water is also a good idea.  If it rains and your yard fills with water, you will want to dry it as quickly as possible.  These insects will use this water to lay their eggs and as a general water source. 

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Indoor Options

Use a fly swatter to attack these bugs if they fly in your homes.  Once you kill them, wipe them up with a paper towel and dispose of it properly.  If you don’t have a fly swatter, a rolled-up newspaper or other item that is not important to you can be used.  Don’t use a book or other important items that can become damaged.